Similar Models - Ssangyong Rexton

SsangYong may not be too familiar to British car buyers, but thanks to the Rexton, this will soon change. This large 4x4 will not go unnoticed for long. The eye-catching Rexton isn't just for show. There are many pleasant surprises that accompany the Rexton.

The car’s 2.7-litre turbodiesel engine and the excellent 5-speed T-Tronic automatic are sourced from Mercedes. They provide a good base that is strong enough to attach a capable 4x4 drivetrain with high and low ratio gear settings. The car comes with a wide array of standard equipment and provides fantastic carrying capabilities.

The Rexton offers super value for the money, many buyers who are tired of traditional workhorses will be very interested in the Rexton. It has exceptional towing abilities and gets the job done with ease.

There are similar rivals available that offer superior off-road performance, but none of them can match the Rexton's road presence, auto gearbox or kit list. The Rexton brags full leather interior, climate control with air purifier and 16-inch alloy wheels even on entry-level models.

The Rexton may be more at home in the suburbs or on country roads.  It is simply too large to cope easily with city streets. It is also very difficult to find a parking space big enough for the monster of a car.  Steering can be too light for British tastes and with four-wheel-drive selected, fuel consumption rises to frightening levels. The somewhat unknown firm can sell the Rexton at bargain basement prices, but many 4X4 buyers are looking for the prestige that comes with the more snobby brands. Buyers who seek name brand badges will miss out on the terrific capabilities that the Rexton has to offer.


With cheap insurance rates, good fuel economy, and a descent asking price, the Rexton is very affordable. The only downside is that resale values are likely to be low.

The interior is very spacious and the occupants will have more than enough room. The front passengers enjoy a bit more legroom than the rear passengers do.  The boot is spacious and is able to accommodate many large items.

The fascia is cluttered and it’s easy to confuse buttons. The gauges are all logically placed and practical.

The Rexton is very comfotable with wide supportive seats, and a fully adjustable steering wheel. All occupants will have plenty of head and legroom throughout.
The Rexton provides excellent accessibility. The car’s doors open wide and the interior provides enough space for passengers to get comfortable. There is a significant step up to access the car’s cabin. This may pose a problem for some passengers. The step down to egress the cabin can be equally challenging. The rear door is easy to open and the boot provides more than adequate storage space. A separately opening tailgate glass section is available as a cost option.

The Rexton can be a difficult car to park. Despite the high driving position, it can be extremely difficult to judge the car’s extremeties. Parking sensors are not included in the standard package but are offered as a cost option. This would be a worthwhile investment. Steering is light, but the car’s long wheelbase means that parking may take several attempts.

Life Style

Off-road, the Rexton handles well and provides a decent ride. The car’s ground clearance is lower than might be expected, and rocky roads with ruts and holes should be avoided when possible. On road it is handles extremely well especially on motorways. The car’s steering feels too light, delivering very little feedback to the driver.

This would make an excellent family vehicle, especially for a country family. The Rexton has no problem dividing its talents between load-lugging, towing and people-carrying. The Rexton would hold up well under the rigors of family life.

This is definitely not a good first car.  The Rexton is too large, too powerful, and too expensive. The car also requires a good deal of driver competence and is absolutely not a good car for an inexperienced driver.

The Rexton provides an excellent build quality and a good driving experience. The Rexton is surprisingly well built. The Rexton has a touch of class that is way beyond its modest origins.

Security and Safety

The car comes standard with a Category One security alarm and engine immobiliser. The car has a visible VIN, locking wheel nuts, and window etching. Due to the vehicle’s size and unique nature it will be an unlikely target for thieves.

The car is equipped with driver, passenger and side airbags in all models. Another important safety feature is ABS and ESP. The Rexton also has an excellent braking system.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system comes with a CD radio. The unit comes sourced from an external supplier, and it does not seem to match the rest of the car’s cabin. Sound quality is adequate and a satellite navigation system is offered as a cost-option.

The Rexton can be specified to seat seven or five. The list of optional extras is short but appealing. Items such as privacy glass, dual air conditioning and an electric sliding sunroof are offered on the list. Leather comes standard on SE and SX models. The 290 is only offered in S trim which means cloth seats. All other models come with a long list of standard equipment.


The Rexton is well made, fully equipped and attractive enough to turn heads. This is an ideal workhorse in a country setting but may have difficulty finding a loyal following among fashion conscience buyers.