Similar Models - Subaru Grand Vitara

One of the first SUVs to gain popularity was the original Suzuki Vitara.  Now that the segment is lively and competition is thriving forcing Suzuki to stay modern and innovative. Suzuki's new Grand Vitara is available in both three and five-door versions. The new generation sports a modern design and chassis.

The new Grand Vitara has an attractive exterior design that sets it apart from the competition. The Grand Vitara still maintains a typical SUV bodyshape, but has a more modern or futuristic look that keeps people from mistaking it for any other SUV on the market. The chrome effect rear lights and a clamshell bonnet are distinguishing features of the Vitara.

The Grand Vitara boasts a monocoque chassis design, that improves body rigidity, ride and handling and noise insulation. The new design improves refinement and comfort for passengers.  The new model also provides a good deal of crash protection.Three-door versions have a simple, selectable four-wheel drive system.

The 1.6-litre VVT engine is matched to a five-speed gearbox. The petrol unit provides only modest power and torque outputs. 2.0-litre petrol and 1.9-litre diesel engines are also available, but only with the five-door version. The Grand Vitara uses multi-link suspension that provides an improved ride quality as well as better handling.

The Grand Vitara boasts excellent interior quality. The instrumentation is classy-looking, functional, and easy to operate. The cabin consists of good quality fabrics and leather on the steering wheel.


The Grand Vitara is cost effective. The low asking price and good fuel economy make this car attractive to consumers. Servicing charges and insurance rates will be low.

The cabin is spacious and front passengers will have no complaints. Head and legroom are plentiful. Move to the rear and you will notice a dramatic difference in both head and legroom. The boot is spacious, but will not be likely to accommodate the luggage needs of four passengers.

The gauges are large and easy to read. The fascia is uncluttered and all controls are easy to read. Assisting the attracive appearance of the cabin is the backlighting of the guages that pleasantly illuminates the cabin.

The ride isn’t always the smoothest, but it will not be uncomfortale. While the cabin is quite and front passengers will be able to relax, tall rear passengers will more than likely be uncomfortable especially on long journeys.

The Grand Vitara is easy to access as the car sits at a comfortable level. The wide seats make it easy to sit without needing to reach for them. Rear passengers may have to slide in though. The boot is easy to load and unload through the low load lip and wdie door aperture.

Parking is easy thanks to the large rear window and side mirrors. Visibility is good out both the front and rear, though the side pillars may get in the way a bit. Since the driver sits high, seeing over the bonnet is easy making judging distances easy as well.    

Life Style

The Vitara's appeal comes from its easy, smooth driving style. The high driving position provides excellent visibility. The gearbox, brake and clutch are function well and are easy to operate. The car’s steering provides good feedback, and the Vitara feels like a quality vehicle delivering a stable ride, even at speed. The 1.6-litre VVT engine delivers good performance on paper, but on the road it doesn’t quite deliver. The engine must be pushed hard to make progress, it delivers a smooth but noisy ride.

The Grand Vitara could be used as a family vehicle for a small family. Rear space is limited but could easily accommodate small children. The boot is not that large though and may not accommodate strollers or large packages.

The Grand Vitara would make a decent first car if it wasn’t for the roll factor from it being such a tall vehicle. Otherwise the car offers good looks, an economical engine and light controls.

The Grand Vitara makes a good first impression. With its attractive exterior design, and quality cabin the vehicle gives the impression of an overall good quality of car. Some of the plastics used in the centre console feel a little thin, but the overall impression is a good. The car is quite appealing inside and out.

Security and Safety

The Subaru Grand Vitara comes standard with deadlocks, freewheeling lock cylinders and an engine immobiliser. The rear luggage cover helps to hide valuable items, and the boot also has a hidden storage compartment under the floor.

The car comes with Isofix child seat mountings fitted to the rear seats; six airbags are standard on all models, ABS and seat belt pretensioners for front seat passengers.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a radio and CD player, with remote controls mounted on the steering wheel for the driver’s convenience. The unit provides good sound quality and the display is large and easy to read. spokes.

A grey woven pattern on the seats looks very attractive with the dark colours in the rest of the cabin. The Vitara uses dark plastics and fabrics on the interior, although the large glass area keeps the cabin’s atmosphere light and airy.  The majority of plastics used are of high quality.


This sector of the market is highly competitive. Buyers place a great deal of importance on value for money and image. The Grand Vitara has a lot to offer in both of these areas. Despite the increase in price the Grand Vitara has the enhancements to back up the additional costs and stay competitive with rival brands.